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Grading & Projects


It is my goal through this course to develop a passion and curiosity for learning about new technologies as well as an ability to evaluate, appraise, and think creatively about the possibilities and implications of technologies libraries could harness. Readings, class participation, and projects have been designed to grow your project management skills including evaluation, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

It is my belief as is the educators in our profession, that YOU are the future and the potential leaders of our profession. The best way I can help you "see" the possibilities is to allow for you to learn from me, engage you in the possibilities, and to develop your passion for life-long learning, networking, and connecting the dots!

Readings and participation (45 pts)

  • Participation in class (I) as it relates to topics discussed. Sharing ideas from weekly readings, research, and exercises. (15 pts)
  • Student portfolios (I) which include overall management of your ideas including individual projects (e.g., Playing in Sandboxes), weekly exercises, lessons learned, compilation of notes and ideas for research projects. (20 pts)
  • Deep learning (I): Initiative, leadership, engagement, analysis, critical thinking in online discussions. (10 pts)

Projects (55 pts)

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Project plan (T): Develop a WBS and more detailed project plan for team project. Continually refine and include in your business case. Deliverable: Project plan. (10 pts)
  • Business case (T/I): Trends, analysis and review on selected team project. Develop a survey to gather statistics. Discuss core themes that surfaced during interviews. Plan to present your key findings in class. Deliverables: Business case (including executive summary, survey questions and results, research/analysis, diagrams of solutions/approaches) + presentation. (T: 15 pts / I: 5 pts = 20 pts)
  • Final Product(s) (T/I): Implement the product(s) outlined/selected by you client. Including training resources for long-term management/maintenance by client. Deliverables: Finished product(s) + presentation. (T:15 pts / I: 5 pts = 20 pts)
  • My Top Picks (I): During this semester we explored and evaluated applications, services, and implementation efforts. We also heard from a variety of speakers. For this final assignment, I would like your feedback on the overall structure, content, projects, and your key learnings. (5 pts)
(I) = Individual
(T) = Team project