II. Weekly Syllabus

Structure (or Building Blocks)

Modeled after LSC 555, there are four broad modules in this course:

Framework Overviews, perspectives, and strategic vision of tools and methodologies for 21st century media literacy.
Technologies and impact Discussions on applications and technologies. Lectures will be enhanced through guest speakers' stories. System development life cycle (SDLC) will be applied to class lectures on selected applications.
Project management Key concepts explored and applied to research and team projects to facilitate internalizing core principles.
Evaluation and analysis
Review, evaluate, and apply critical thinking to technologies and methodologies.

Required Reading

  • Available in CUA's bookstore: Engard, Nicole C., Editor (2009). Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data. Information Today, Inc.: New Jersey.
  • Selected articles identified weekly by professor and available under weekly readings.

Weekly Syllabus

The weekly syllabus below is based on Catholic University's spring 2010 academic schedule. See the following calendar for more information: CUA's Academic Spring 2010 Semester calendar.

Week Meeting Date
Guest Speakers**
Major Assignments
1 Monday, January 11 Framework: Introductions and overview (life-long learning models)
2 Monday, January 25
Framework: Strategic management issues as it relates to library technologies and project management Sam Clay Team projects (survey)
3 Monday, February 1
Project management: Developing a business case
Ulla de Stricker (WebEx)

4 Monday, February 8
Technologies and impact: Traditional and non-traditional library catalogs Deb Hunt
WBS (drafts)
5 Monday, February 15
Technologies and impact/Evaluation and analysis: Playing in sandboxes

Sandbox (Part 1): Pecha Kucha presentations
6 Monday, February 22
Technologies and impact: eLearning models

7 Tuesday, February 23
Project management: Team Projects Working Week

8 Monday, March 1
Technologies and impact: Websites and collaborative models
Aaron Krebeck
9 Monday, March 15
All Four Building Blocks: Business Case & Project Planning All Students Business cases + presentations
10 Monday, March 22
Evaluation and analysis: Social media strategies Dianna Wiggins (WebEx)
Project Plans
Monday, March 29 Evaluation and analysis: Evaluation models including narrative techniques, after action reviews (AAR) and anecdotal learning
Peter Hobby
Sandbox (Part 2): Envisioning the possibilities
Monday, April 12
Technologies and impact: Search engines and beyond Dave Forbes
Sharon Flank, Ph.D.

13 Monday, April 19
Technologies and impact: Information, assets, and knowledge management systems Richard Huffine
14 Monday, April 26
All Four Building Blocks: Delivering Value
All Students
Final product/deliverables + presentations
No class
Monday, May 3 by 4:00 PM
Evaluation and analysis: My Top Picks
All Students
My Top Picks