Week 2: Strategic Management Issues


  • Strategic management as it relates specifically to technologies, the use of technology to move us forward, and managing the direction and projects
  • Trends spotting: Shifting trend in libraries as it relates to technologies and tools
  • Staffing: Core competencies, keeping staff motivated and engaged, growing outside their comfort zones
  • Constant improvement and managing resources and budgets including consolidation and downsizing
  • Funding, grants
  • Selling ideas to management
  • Organizational policies and politics

Guest Speaker

  • Sam Clay, Director, Fairfax County Public Library, Fairfax, Virginia
  • Learn more about Sam, his strategic vision, and how he keeps the Fairfax County Library relevant to its citizens: BookCast interview with Sam Clay, Fairfax County Library podcast.

Exercises and Assignments

Hands-on Learning and Discussion in Class

  • Team projects: Discuss overview and projects. I will plan to create a survey that I will distribute during Week's 2 class.
  • WebEx virtual conferencing: We'll explore WebEx and learn more about its features and functionality in preparation for Week 3's class. Please see our discussion forums area for basic requirements and tutorials. ***Remember to bring headsets to class.***
  • Google Docs: Review documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and folders along with options for collaboration.

    Independent Learning

    • Team projects assignment: Review and select by Wednesday, January 27, 2010, the project you are most interested in participating.
    • Playing in Sandboxes assignment: Plan > Do > Teach.

    Readings and Resources


    Image source: Dysart & Jones Blog on "How to Master Change." (8/21/2009)